May 6, 2024


All applicants, titleholders, directors and their families offered one month free of professional guidance through the nation's largest network of therapists

Miss Earth USA & Teen Miss Earth USA are proud to announce a renewed partnership with BetterHelp.

Since Summer 2023, the organization proudly partnered with BetterHelp to provide all applicants, titleholders, directors and their families free licensed counseling as needed throughout the year.

In Spring 2022, in response to the tragic loss of Cheslie Kryst, Miss Earth USA's official nonprofit organization launched the Still She Rose wellness and mental health initiative. This movement gained attention globally from Daily Mail media, declaring it the “biggest mental health overhaul implementing an industry-wide initiative.”


The Still She Rose team of volunteers authored resources for pageant contestants and directors and hosted seminars for the community across all pageant organizations. The Still She Rose social media and website feature ambassadors from various pageant organizations who have openly talked about their struggles, good and bad moments in their pageant journeys, as well as strategies to de-stress.

"It is crucial that pageant leadership acknowledge the emotional impact of young women and girls in these vulnerable moments," said Laura Clark, Miss Earth USA National Director. "By destigmatizing discussions around mental health, promoting open dialogue, and providing accessible resources, we can create a compassionate society that prioritizes the well-being of individuals, helping prevent further tragedies and supporting those in need."

In pursuit of a resource for all pageant participants and organizers, the Miss Earth USA organization chose to work with BetterHelp - the world's largest online therapy provider - which offers reliable resources to connect participants with licensed therapists via texting, instant messaging, live phone calls, and video chats.

Especially important in this decision was BetterHelp's specialization in Teen therapy, with the support of parents.

"It’s proven that therapy offers numerous benefits for teens and women to support their emotional and mental well-being," said Ariel Sorensen, Director of Nonprofit Initiatives. "It provides a safe space to express thoughts and feelings, helping them gain self-awareness and insight into their struggles. The process aims to build a strong foundation for a positive future."

Organizers offer the anonymous connection to the BetterHelp resource as well as ongoing options for national titleholders. Check back on @missearthusa social media for testimonies from participating ambassadors.


The Miss Earth USA organization includes six competition divisions for ages 5 and older. The next national pageant will begin January 2, 2025 in Orlando, Florida.

Miss Earth USA has consistently been ranked to the top of pageantry in the United States and Miss Earth is known as a Top 3 worldwide pageant, based in the Philippines. The program emphasizes their motto Beauties for a Cause, impacting environmental issues around the country while also integrating a mental health and wellness initiative for all women and girls.