NOVEMBER 6, 2023


Message from Laura, Jillian and Christina, as 2024 Miss Earth USA national activities begin in Orlando

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Message from Laura Clark, National Director:
Welcome to the United States national preliminary to MISS EARTH® - an environmental and social platform for confident and inspirational young women.

This year, we gather under the banner of "Making Waves," an anthem for marine life and water conservation that resonates with our commitment to a sustainable future. As we embark on a celebration of glamour and grace, let us be reminded that beyond the dazzling gowns and radiant smiles lies a profound mission—to MAKE WAVES of positive change. Our theme symbolizes the ripples of impact we aim to create, spreading awareness and championing the cause of marine life and water conservation.

Another commitment we etched into our legacy this year was the announcement of the three core values that define the essence of Miss Earth USA: Authentic Beauty, Social Responsibility, and Positive Spirit. These pillars guide us in our pursuit of a better, more sustainable world.

Authentic Beauty goes beyond the surface it is the radiance that emanates from within, the beauty that is genuine and unfiltered. As we witness the dazzling contestants walk the stage, let us celebrate the authenticity that each one brings, acknowledging the individuality that makes each young woman shine.

Social Responsibility is at the heart of MISS EARTH®. Since 2001, the international leadership declared its mission as Beauties for a Cause, a platform for women to promote environmental sustainability and community impact. Our delegates at Miss Earth USA are not only poised and elegant but also dedicated to countless initiatives, projects, and advocacies. These incredible young women exemplify the power of pageantry.

Positive Spirit is the driving force that propels us forward. In the face of challenges, it is the unwavering optimism, resilience, and enthusiasm that define our journey. We gather to celebrate the spirit that unites us all in the pursuit of a brighter, greener future.

To our friends, family, fans and sponsors, your support is a testament to your commitment to a cause greater than ourselves. May this year’s national pageant experience be a resounding celebration of beauty, purpose, and a shared dedication to the well-being of our planet.

Congratulations to nearly 150 state and regional delegates and our outgoing titleholders. Together, we celebrate the culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and passion. Let the waves of change begin!

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Message from Jillian Spano, Teen Coordinator:

I cannot believe the national pageant is almost here! All of our incredible Teen delegates have been hard at work serving in their communities, as well as preparing for stage and interview competitions. These young women embody the Teen Miss Earth USA organization and its mission by bringing awareness to our environmental platform, understanding the value of giving back to their communities, and being driven, dedicated young women. I truly believe they will be our future leaders of tomorrow. It has been an honor and pleasure serving as their National Director.

I am so incredibly excited to share that we have the largest Teen Miss Earth USA class to date! While only one of these young women will walk away with the national title, every single one of them have left an impression on me, the organization and their communities. I could not be more proud of all of their successes, and I am so ready to kick off pageant week! The part I look forward to the most is watching the full circle moment come to life - from knowing where these ladies started to seeing them on that national stage. I’m so grateful to have shared in their journey. My goal is to have each delegate leave this week feeling like a QUEEN!


Message from Christina Lee, Junior Coordinator:

Hello Junior Ambassador Queens! Let me be the first to say… I’m proud of you! It’s not easy prepping for a national pageant. Commitment and hard work happens when no one is watching. You have dedicated many hours to your community, and it’s in all of those hours that a QUEEN is made. You arrive to the national pageant as a queen, and you will leave as a queen!

My advice to all of our Junior Ambassadors this week is to enjoy every second of your time in Orlando. It’s been our goal this year to create a national pageant experience that you will never forget!

Lastly, as you step on that stage, I want you to be confidentially YOU. As Taylor Swift says, “Just be yourself, there is no one better.” I’ll be cheering for you!


The Miss Earth USA organization includes five competition divisions for ages 5 and older. With state pageant preliminaries taking place in Summer 2023, the next national pageant will be held December 29-31, 2023. Miss Earth USA has consistently been ranked to the top of pageantry in the United States and Miss Earth is known as a Top 3 worldwide pageant, based in the Philippines.

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